Discover the limitless possibilities of our LiTe Network-enabled smart building system, tailored for use in diverse industries and settings

Smart Toilet

Better human resources management, user experience and efficiency with Smart Toilet

Smart Toilet

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Smart Toilet - Entrance


Smart Toilet

Detection System

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Smart Toilet - Water Leakage Detection Sensor

Water Leakage

Prevent property loss by water damage with Water Leakage Detection System

Linked-Tech | Link All The Technologies

Linked-Technologies Limited isĀ supported by theĀ Cyberport Incubation Programme.
We have developed multiple IoT projects starting from 2018,
including the IoT Management Development Service and Crisis Management Solution for Smart Building
and other related IoT devices for industrial building, commercial building, residential, and schools.

LiTe Network

Smart Building System built upon our LiTe Network with a private network protocol
represents a cutting-edge approach to modern infrastructure.